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"Jiangzi Garden"

"Jiangzi Garden"

"The protagonist of the garden story today is called "Jiangzi". She gave up her job in the hospital and chose her dream to build her own garden, so she named her garden: Jiangzi Garden. Let us listen to her story and look at her garden. Her garden area is 100 square meters.

Everyone’s world is a different world, and everyone’s life is also a different life. But what kind of garden is a garden? In my mind, my garden should be "such a garden". It cannot be expressed in words, but it lingers deeply in my heart. Yes, that's it, so I call it "Jiangzi Garden".There is a kind of love, which makes us very yearning; there is a kind of beauty, which teaches us to pursue our lifelong pursuit; I was once called an angel in white by everyone, and finally, I boldly rubbed love and yearning into dreams, seeking the little beauty among the beaded flower dew, sowing the seeds of joy into the distance, filling my soul with the abundant fragrance of flowers, a flower, a drop of lotus, one morning infects me, and cares for others.

In the initial stage of the garden construction, the garden designer made the overall plan. After continuous exploration and learning, I learned a little bit about the growth habits and preferences of each plant and began to try to match the plant flower border. Learning from the failure, I finally turned from a layman to a qualified gardener.


This wall is the display area for my tools and groceries. There are various tools I need for planting and the small objects I bought from the flea market. They record every bit of life. 


This was originally my rest area. Because the garden area was not large enough, I adjusted it at the beginning of the construction. Now I remodeled it slightly to create a corner display area on the countertop.


The sunlight in early spring gives the garden a touch of green. The noble tulip quietly supports the flower bones at a certain night, and it seems to be able to see its subtleties through the sunlight. Its appearance waiting to bloom is bathing in the sunlight, the harmonious combination of white and beige. With the beautiful and versatile Morandi color system, in the blooming season of Mount Tacoma, the fragrance of flowers rushes to the entire yard with the wind.


Hibiscus lollipops, small candies that explode, a leaf represents a flower, full of spring breath, hug the little hibiscus, you hug the whole spring.


The windmill Jasmine, who loves to climb walls, has a breeze, you will smell her fragrance in the air, and I can’t wait for the wind, so I will always come over and smell it.


The yellow Fujimoto rose, she is very squeamish and upright, she didn't let me idle at all, and taught me a little bit to take care of her. Fortunately, the full color and the velvet texture of the petals are enough to make her the most eye-catching in the audience young.


From early summer to midsummer, the sound of cicadas is accompanied by the fragrance of flowers, blending light yellow and green, and the hydrangea is like a key to the soul, pouring our inner pursuit of summer.


Time will take away our youth, but it cannot take away our dreams. There is always a serious wind that never blows away and listens to the wind to wait for the flowers to bloom. Life is not to hurry, but to feel the scenery on the road, with smiling eyes. Only then can you see the joy, and throw away your troubles, because there are stars in the sky and flowers on the ground.

On the road to success, there is no shortcut, it is destined to be accompanied by stumbling. When the garden was first established, because I didn't understand the characteristics of some plants, after a period of time, wilting, decay, death, death, there was very little left in the garden, especially bleak. After asking for help on the ground in the flower and tree market, studying in books and on the Internet, my gardening skills continued to improve, and then I stopped the decline, turned the danger into a bargain, and successfully transformed into a "gardener".

Now, friends often visit the garden, standing in front of each plant, I can introduce the name, characteristics, and growth process one by one, and share the experience and joy of planting.

The beauty of beauty, the beauty of the same. Recall that I was shaped by the surrounding environment, becoming a gardener, taking care of the garden, feeling life, and enjoying the beauty. I have an idea in my mind to share the gardening skills I have accumulated over the past three years. For people who love beauty, life will always be fulfilled. Now, take the opportunity of participating in the competition to tell the story of an ordinary person becoming a gardener, explaining the concept of loving life, creating beauty, and delivering beauty. I am grateful for this opportunity given by the contest.