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8 Square Meter Balcony Garden——Bumper Harvest

8 Square Meter Balcony Garden——Bumper Harvest

The author's sequel story is coming:

“In summer, our balcony is hot and uncomfortable. I use a straw mulch to keep moisture, so I don’t have to water it often. My garden is crowded with swarms of aphids, so I have to collect nettles. Their active compounds can repel aphids. One kilogram of nettle in 10 liters of water, just leave the mixture for 24 hours and spray the leaves directly. Of course, it will kill aphids more slowly than pesticides, but it is 100% organic and environmentally friendly and will not harm beneficial insects.

From July 6th, we have had a harvest... Sometimes we are too busy to have time to eat, long enough to fertilize, water, and set up plants on the balcony. Let's take a look at the little garden, which brings us some fun every day!


Someone said to me, you can buy these vegetables very cheaply, why do you work so hard to grow them? For me, gardening is a kind of therapy, it's just an 8 square meter balcony, but it brings me a lot of happiness! Seeing them grow up and mature little by little, the joy of harvest cannot be expressed in words.

The balcony is edible except for hydrangea. We harvest clean, fresh vegetables, which are all grown by ourselves.



Since July, there has been a steady harvest, which not only feeds people but also feeds souls.