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She Loves Gardening

She Loves Gardening

The protagonist of the story in this article today is a mother, she is a teacher, and she has a 6-year-old daughter. Here is the story she told about her and the garden:

1. How was my garden built?

        I currently live in Fuzhou, a hot and rainy city. There is a free garden on the first floor of the multi-storey in our community. My house is about 50 square meters. When we first moved in in 2014, the grass in the garden was taller than people. It took us a week to clean the weeds and roots.

        I still remember that after we bought the house, we really didn’t have money to build a garden, so we simply bought some permeable bricks, picked up some rotten wood thrown away by other people’s decorations, and started the first round of tossing our house’s “flowers”. vegetable garden". It just so happens that the old people like to grow vegetables, and I don't have time to grow too many flowers, so our yard has the first version of the layout.

        At the beginning of 2016, almost all the wooden stakes used to make the vegetables were broken due to natural decay, and we had to start the second round of tossing in the yard again. Funds are still limited this time, but I insist on making the small yard more like a garden. So I decided to add a small screen in the yard, a white chair that I wanted, a simple water hydrant, and plant some easy-to-care flowers and plants that I also like. Soon, our family moved out to start gardening, and a week later, the second version of the garden took shape again. After a winter's hard work (the climate here is almost the same as the northern spring), the small garden in the spring of 2017 has a brand new look. It began to be truly beautiful like a small garden, and it also beautifies my family's life.

2. The beauty that the garden brings to us

        Now in this small garden, we enjoy flowers in spring, play in the water in summer, sow and raise seedlings in autumn, and grill hot pot in winter. When the flowers are blooming well, I will take pictures in the garden. When there are more flowers, I will cut the vases. In the summer when there are few flowers, I will be lazy to rest.

        Although I usually have limited time for busy work, when I have time, I always take care of my small garden, observe various changes in the garden, and experience the beauty that plants bring to me. Our neighbors also often visit our garden, and people at the door of the yard often stop to admire the flowers or ask for some gardening issues. Occasionally, I also ask my friends to come to the garden to enjoy the flowers.

        Now the neighbor on the second floor chose to live upstairs because of our beautiful garden. The neighbors on the opposite building said that it was a kind of enjoyment to watch the blue snow blooming in our house every day in front of the window. My house seems to have magical powers. After all the children come, it is difficult for their parents to call away.

3. The garden nourishes my daughter's growth

        My daughter Xiaosiyue also grew up in this small garden.

        In the earliest days, she was playing with sand in the garden, poking and digging everywhere with my small shovel. Slowly she started to encounter various insects in the garden. Butterflies, caterpillars, grasshoppers, crickets, horses, earthworms, snails, frogs, toads, tree frogs and birds. These insects accompany the little April to spend the day. Another day.

        When she was a little older, she started watering the flowers for me again (playing with water while watering), and she also remembered the names of many flowers and plants. Every day she rushed home through the arches of the garden after school, and made handicrafts with flowers and plants with me, cut some vases of flowers together, and lay on the grass and watched the sky full of stars. Recently, she even lay on a garden chair with her little quilt, listening to the crickets singing and smelling the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus...

       While I love and manage gardening, I also nourish my children a little bit. I make flowers and plants become the most common part of my family's life, so that children can feel the most wonderful changes in nature at the door every day, and let her see the happiness and satisfaction that mothers have gained from hobbies...

4. How do I like planting flowers?

      People often ask me: Mother April, why do you like planting flowers so much? I always smile and answer them: Because I have liked it since I was a child. Really, I have loved growing flowers since I was a child. But the strange thing is that there is no one who likes to grow flowers in my family, and there is no neighbor who likes to grow flowers nearby. But when I was young, I saw all kinds of wild flowers and weeds in the mountains, so beautiful, and I fell in love with nature.

      I grew up living in the southwest mountainous area, and my hometown is full of rolling mountains. At that time, my parents were busy working in the fields and did not interfere with me. I didn't have any toys to play with. The best way to pass the time was to hang around in the mountains. When I slowly discovered all kinds of beautiful wild flowers, I first dug flowers on the mountain and went home to plant them. Then I went to my neighbor’s house to ask for flowers, and I went to the garbage dump next to the temple on the mountainside to pick up the flowers. I took care of them in the most instinctive way. they.

      Although I don't have professional knowledge, no one taught me how to grow them, and I don't even know the names of many flowers and plants. But because of love and dedication, most of the flowers grow well, so I feel a sense of accomplishment in my little heart. And my parents’ attitude towards growing flowers is basically just letting go. Although my parents don’t know how to plant flowers, they will never teach me to plant flowers, but they never interfere, deny, or scold me for being obsessed with flowers and plants. I can grow whatever I want to grow in front of and behind the house.

5. Know enough about flowers to grow good flowers

       Many people ask me how to grow flowers, and they complain that they are plant killers. In fact, the biggest trick to growing good flowers is: you have to know enough about this kind of flowers.

       It likes light or shade, dry or wet, warm or cool... Only if you know enough, can you create an environment suitable for its healthy growth, and then you can grow it well. Those who raise it casually and raise it well are more of luck and coincidence, but how much luck will we have to meet such a just coincidence? Our lives and lives are the same. Instead of blindly comparing all kinds of anxiety with others, it is better to calm down and learn more about yourself and ask yourself more.

       Whether in the garden or in life, I strive to choose the right one. I think this is truly calm and beautiful.

6. Behind the garden is the attitude of the garden owner

      Friends who grow flowers often say: It's too poisonous and I got into the pit. In fact, at the very beginning, I was poisoned by gardening, and I lost the gardening pit that I bought and bought. At that time, I was holding back my energy and wanted to make my garden a model of exquisite garden everywhere, but ignored my limited financial strength and energy, and made myself very anxious and very tired.

      Later, I slowly understood: when faced with gardens of different sizes, how to consider your own energy and financial ability, how to give up, how to choose, how to balance, and how to make gardening a kind of just enjoyment instead of extremely hard work. It is really a very test of people's wisdom.

      In fact, the garden does not have to be exquisite, and the variety of flowers does not have to be large. The most important thing is the mood of the flower grower. Even if a small terrace or balcony, or even just a small pot of plants on the window sill, you really like to take care of it, you can still feel the beauty. In fact, the most important thing about gardening is the attitude of the garden owners, their pursuit of beauty, and their love for nature and life.

      Finally, I would like to thank my Mr. Z. He has worked hard to help me realize my dream within his own ability. He is willing to build the garden with me and live with me.